“NEW” SPLC Training Video for all Cops: ‘Sovereign Citizens’ are Cop Killers

It is hoped that most cops are much too intelligent and well informed to fall for this crap from SPLC. Unfortunately, just like in civilian life, there are always some who will believe anything…

The Obama Administration and George Soros (through the SPLC) have teamed up again to try to convince America’s cops and law enforcers that conservative American activists are potential cop killers just because of a small group of psycho criminals. No wonder Patriots and concerned citizens have been pulled over by law enforcement in San Diego County in the past year just for their ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ stickers on their cars. Robot cops are being brainwashed and ordered to harass peaceful conservative activists. And of course all the false arrests and harassment from police in Southern California against citizens lawfully carrying guns for self-defense. Hitler would be so proud of Obama, Soros, SPLC, and their radical left wing puppets trying to turn the U.S. into a police state. We will never let that happen. Never.

Here is the new SPLC propaganda video sent to 55,000 police departments nationwide, including YOUR local PD. Notice the use of the retired ATF officer narrating the SPLC propaganda and spin to try to give it legitimacy.

“Sovereign Citizens” is a likely synonym for “patriots” when applied as broadly as these slander-mongers so eagerly do.

To equate all ‘patriots’ with violent killers, especially government-placed agents like McVeigh, is truly despicable especially when ignoring extremists from the left who have had the monopoly on violence, even to the point that those who bombed the Pentagon and police officers homes are now elevated to positions in universities and government (Dohrn and Ayers).

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