George Soros Public Enemy #1

Last night, this morning, and again this evening, television and radio talk host Glenn Beck reported the continuation of the ramping up of the chilling crack-down of free speech – all as a result of manipulation of one man named George Soros. Soros can’t crash the market like he did in 2008, that would make Obama look bad. Instead he is buying up the media. The public finally will get to know the truth about this evil man, and his relationship to the left – the biggest Democratic scandal of all times.

George Soros Evil Puppetmaster of the American Left and Manipulator of Media and the Presidency

The websites Media Matters and the Huffington Post are now exposed along with scores of other groups as mere puppets owned by the convicted international criminal, a man known for making billions by his manipulation of markets and currencies.

In Beck’s trademark humorous style, we have watched as he’s methodically and thoroughly mapped out the pattern of enormous tentacles of the ‘shadow’ party, a vast network of political groups funded by the foreign billions of internationally convicted criminal and admitted Nazi collaborator George Soros.

Beck refers to Soros as “spooky dude” and for good reason. Those of us who have studied megalomaniac Soros for a decade easily conclude his words and actions demonstrate his desire to impose upon the world some sort of Orwellian utopian society in which he envisions himself king.

It’s called world communism and it is what is exploding in Europe, as we watch the system collapse under deadly rioting in Greece and France.

Indeed it has been long known that Soros, whose pet group is his ‘Open Society’ foundation, has been the source of funding for scores of groups including the Tides Foundation,, a think-tank that now runs the White House called Center for American Progress (and various ‘progressive’ spin-off groups like the Granite State Progress based right here in NH), N.O.W., American Civil Liberties Union, People for the American Way, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Amnesty International, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Human Rights Watch, the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, the National Lawyers Guild, the Center for Constitutional Rights, the Coalition for an International Criminal Court, Planned Parenthood; the Nation Institute, the Pacifica Foundation (public radio), the Urban Institute, the American Friends Service Committee, Catholics for a Free Choice, Independent Media Institute, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, the National Immigration Law Center, the National Council of La Raza… just to name a few.

The public should not be too shocked to learn that Soros has had his destructive hand, and his billions, behind just about every left-wing cause in the country, pushing for the cause of world government.

These are the groups that make up the ‘shadow’ party – “a nationwide network of unions, non-profit activist groups, and think tanks whose agendas are ideologically to the left, and which are engaged in campaigning for the Democrats. This network’s activities include fundraising, get-out-the-vote drives, political advertising, opposition research, and media manipulation“.

Indeed, Soros’ ideas have been the impetus for much of Obama’s agenda. In 2008 Soros stated: “I think we need a large stimulus package which will provide funds for state and local government to maintain their budgets – because they are not allowed by the constitution to run a deficit. For such a program to be successful, the federal government would need to provide hundreds of billions of dollars. In addition, another infrastructure program is necessary. In total, the cost would be in the 300 to 600 billion dollar range [in addition to the $700 billion bailout which the government already had given to the financial industry]…. I think this is a great opportunity to finally deal with global warming and energy dependence. The U.S. needs a cap and trade system with auctioning of licenses for emissions rights. I would use the revenues from these auctions to launch a new, environmentally friendly energy policy. That would be yet another federal program that could help us to overcome the current stagnation.” — DTN

According to the book “The Shadow Party” – “The Shadow Party is the real power driving the Democrat machine. It is a network of radicals dedicated to transforming our constitutional republic into a socialist hive. The leader of these radicals is … George Soros. He has essentially privatized the Democratic Party, bringing it under his personal control.”

Indeed it became evident that Soros had bought the Democratic Party and caused the market crash of September 15, 2008, a move intended to sway the public toward his preferred candidate, Barack Hussein Obama. Almost every initiative undertaken by Obama is taken directly from Soros’ wish list.

Soros has now embarked on a campaign to take down Glenn Beck and Fox News in retaliation for Beck’s exposure of the Soros agenda and extent of influence on government institutions.

Soros recently gave National Public Radio $1.8M dollars to hire 100 reporters, apparently dedicated to the cause of exposing Beck and Fox News Channel. Not surprisingly, in the very same week, Democratic political commentator and African-American Juan Williams, a frequent contributor to Fox, was fired from his job at NPR after expressing his fear over a statement made by an Islamic terrorist. The terrorist vowed at his court trial that his attack was only the beginning. Williams contends that NPR was just ‘looking for an excuse’ to fire him. But owning NPR, the Democratic Party, and the Presidency is apparently not enough for Soros.

Another internet source that suffers from a constant case of Beck-o-phobia is Media Matters, who has mentioned Beck 50,000 times on its website. MM is a hate-site, seemingly obsessed with Beck (video), claims they were never funded by Soros in the past, but is now the beneficiary of a $1M apparently in order to facilitate their role in the take-down. But Beck has evidence to prove that Soros has always managed to launder money that is funneled to MM. Same for Huffington Post, a site that was originally seeded by Soros dollars. HuffPo as it’s called, is obessessed with the tea party.

Ironically, this is the same week that the NAACP, another beneficiary of Soros’ money, in collaboration with the hate-groups SPLC and ADL, has put out a highly contentious ‘report’ that claims the tea party is a ‘racist’ movement. The NAACP has set up a website called Tea Party Nationalism and on it our very own NHTPC is pinpointed as based in Concord, and as a ‘faction’ of Tea Party Nation and Tea Party Patriots, two national groups. This of course is something that was never fact-checked. NHTPC has no connection whatsoever to these groups. The NAACP has concentrated on several of these national, self-described tea party groups that are really PACs, none of whom the NHTPC recognizes as part of the true populist movement called the ‘tea party’. The NAACP has no credibility in this matter as it has wrongly assumed that NHTPC is part of the same network. It even lists that we hosted 500 people at our Manchester event, when there were more like 4,000 in attendance. The NAACP’s new attack website shows a USA map that is so crowded with tea parties, that it must be noted that there are certain to be twice as many more undocumented groups than what are being shown. However, the NAACP’s history shows it is not without its own racist elements. It has featured people such as Louis Farrakhan, the Reverand Jeremiah Wright on its website, and defended the attackers of Kenneth Gladney as well as failed to repudiate Black Panther members who advised people to “kill white cracker babies”. In a recent internet poll, 85% of the respondents think it is the NAACP that harbors the racism.

In any case, unless NAACP can come up with something ‘racist’ that has been done by NHTPC, we have warned them they are to take our group’s name down or face a lawsuit. We have posted several public comments on their website but you won’t be surprised to learn that they are too COWARDLY to allow them to be printed. They know that by using ADL/SPLC tactics of posting our name on some pinpoint map of supposed ‘racists’, they are smearing us by association, but without cause.

And so for all the belly-aching about David Koch and his group AFP committing some sort of crime for inviting people to a tea party, it would seem that this is far overshadowed by the news that Soros the madman really does control the Democratic Party and the Presidency…all bought and paid for by the millions he made by breaking the banks of various countries. Soros is known as “the Man Who Broke the Bank of England” and this was an issue in his conviction for illegal activities.

In this piece called Street Stories: Managed Futures: George Soros Has Seen The Enemy, It looks Like Him it states: “In early 1997, Soros’ funds were shorting Thailand’s currency, the baht, and Malaysia’s currency, the ringgit – that is, betting that the value of both currencies would drop. In July, Thailand dropped its defenses, devaluing the baht. That set off the wave of devaluations in Malaysia and elsewhere that marked the beginning of the current global economic turmoil.”

Thus we have Soros, who isn’t happy just to control the Democratic Party, the White House, most of the media, and even some churches, but now wants to wipe out Fox News, the only media outlet that presents the issues in any sort of fair and equal manner.

Next time someone accuses the tea party of being at the end of the puppet strings of David Koch, remind them of the above, and that Koch’s group AFP was around long before the tea party movement. AFP’s NH chapter simply supports the tea party philosophy as equally as the other groups in the coalition, as its own entity. It neither created, nor funded, nor directed the tea party in any way. The most AFP has ever done in NH is to provide a few activism workshops that all were invited to attend. The hypocrisy therefore lies in the fact that the left is claiming that the Koch group AFP ‘created’ the tea party (not true), while the media ignores the Soros dynasty and its funding of the numerous communist groups which were evident at the One Nation rally on October 2, 2010. Indeed most of this reality went unreported in the press.

Koch has an equal right to free speech, and unlike Soros’ vast left-wing network, AFP is not buying up whole governments in order to stifle the free speech of others in order to promote his one-world socialist agenda. Beck has bravely and accurately referred to those on the left who would silence other opinions of others as the “jack-booted thugs of the left”. The left’s well-moneyed plutocracy knows how to create a crisis to suit its own purposes, and as Beck stated, they have ‘put their money where their mouth is’.

George Soros and his cadre of shadowy groups are to be considered as public enemy #1 – he is the main impetus and money behind the vast movement to turn America into a socialist nation-state of the world government.

Update: Indeed the Soros money machine has already started on its campaign to stifle free speech.
Here is the ‘smoking gun’ email received by a NH resident from a group called ‘Color of Change’, in which former White House Czar and self-described communist Van Jones was founder.

Anti-Free Speech Funded by George Soros

Dear —-,
More than 200,000 people have joined the Turn Off Fox campaign, and there are more than 6,000 reports of public places playing Fox News. The next step in our campaign is to call those businesses on behalf of our membership and ask them to stop.

Can you take a moment to call a business in or near [NH Town]? It’s easy. When you click below you’ll get the name of the business and the phone number, along with a script you can read. Just click below to get started:

Most of the places that we now know are playing Fox News haven’t yet been asked to stop playing it. And of those who have been approached, many haven’t been asked by multiple people and potential customers from their town.

Your phone call can help to change that, delivering the message — along with others near you — that everyday folks from your community have had enough of Fox News’ dangerous and divisive rhetoric.

Please take a moment to call on businesses near you to turn off Fox News. It’ll won’t take much time, and it could help make a big difference.

Thanks and Peace,

– James, Gabriel, William, Dani, Natasha and the rest of the team

Indeed, for all its blathering about right wing funding that doesn’t really exist, campaigns such as this have only bolstered our own UNFUNDED membership and of course Fox News ratings and both will continue to rise as long as the controlling brown shirts of the left keep attempting to stifle the truth. Detractors can never provide any proof of their accusations, or are able to challenge the facts presented on Fox, but simply complain that Fox is being ‘divisive’. If it is divisive to expose the origins of the unconstitutional and horrific ideas of the American left, their controlling and fascistic leaders, and their inexcusable COMMUNIST affiliations, so be it. Fox and the tea party is doing a great service to us all.

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