Squashing Freedom of Speech

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

It is obvious by now to anyone who is even minimally involved in the political scene that the left is fond of squashing your freedom of speech.

They also want to control what your children learn, and indeed already do that in the public schools, and have been for the last 60 years or more.

And now they are threatening violence against anyone who proposes to purvey the truth which has been their typical pattern of behavior as a reaction to the tea party since its inception in 2007.

Watch the FOX video of an interview with Wayne Bell, publisher of “The Tea Party Coloring Book for Kids” – a free market product that parents can choose to buy.

Apparently the subjects of freedom, liberty, faith, capitalism, and the Constitution are so very abhorrent to our Mao-loving friends on the left that they would make death threats against anyone who would dare promote these ideas. The LA Times is even calling it ‘kiddie propaganda art’.

Such hypocrites.

Indeed, all while they are whining about propaganda, propaganda of the worse kind is being touted in our public schools. The curriculum is currently infested with programs like OBE, Goals 2000, the UN’s International Baccalaureate, books like “We the People and the Constitution”, and other ‘history books’ written by Communist Howard Zinn, as well as anti-capitalist books like “Nickeled and Dimed”, some which view the Constitution as merely a ‘construct of its time’ and which promote socialism and other anti-American views. Often at Democrat-sponsored rallies, Communist and Socialist placards are carried that depict murderers Mao, Che and Castro as ‘heroes’ and not depicted as dreaded tyrants as was Hitler. Communism is taught as an equal to Capitalism.

People are learning that in the early 1900s, a group of Fabian socialists got together to lay out the plan for seizing the public education system in order to use it to ‘transform’ the country’s political structure.

In the book “Turning of the Tides” (Shafer and Snow 1956) the story begins by describing how in 1905 a “group of young men got together in lower Manhattan, NY to form the Intercollegiate Socialist Society”.

It continues to say that their ‘godfather’ was Upton Sinclair, and among its initiators were Jack London and Clarence Darrow. The purpose was “to promote an intelligent interest in socialism among college men and women.”

Walter Lippman, president of the Harvard club in 1909, was among the list of those who became involved as well as Eugene V. Debs and Scott Nearing. Their first annual convention was held in January of 1910.

By 1917 chapters had been formed in 61 schools of higher learning. The I.S.S. was in close contact with the Fabian Societies which was established in 1883 and now flourished in Britain. The Fabians derived their name from the Roman general Quintus Fabius Maximus, who employed the tactic of “delay, attack, and delay”. George Bernard Shaw and HG Wells were among the organizers of the Fabian Society.

By now, the I.S.S. had changed its name to the League for Industrial Democracy and with whom the Fabians of Britain boasted that they continued “active association” to the L.I.D. which carried on “active propaganda in the US on very similar lines to our own work here.”

By 1946, the Fabians had elected people to the House of Commons and established an international bureau “to prepare the ground for an international socialist policy in international affairs”.

Meanwhile, John Dewey had organized the Progressive Education Association and in 1915 the American Association of University Professors. These are just a few of the people whose names became synonymous with ‘social change’ and thus the takeover of our educational system by the progressive movement began.

Since then our children have been their captive audience through mandated public education. Reading further in the book it becomes apparent that here is where the seeds of statism were planted in young minds.. with an eye to bringing children under control of the state, taking the mother out of the home, and even making a case for the need for bankrupting the country in order to bring about change.

This is a very rare book but if you can get your hands on a copy, it is a very eye opening read. You will never look at your child’s school the same.

A tea party coloring book that seeks to fill in the gaps for our children is a welcome thing although this small book can never compete with almost 100 years of progressive education. Ironically as the country was containing Communism abroad it was spreading it here at home.

“I was taught that communism was bad until I took history in the international baccalaureate program at Richmond High,” – Ingrid Chen, International Baccalaureate Student

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