Did Koch Bros ‘Seed’ the Tea Party?


Once again, and we hope for once and for all, we’d like to put to rest all the bogus articles you may have been reading about some group funded by the Koch Brothers as having ‘seeded’ the tea parties. (“Seeded” would mean, gave money to start up, as in the way George Soros has bought and paid for most far-left groups that currently control the Democratic Party and the White House.)

First of all, if you have been involved with us since the start, you would know we staged tea parties in 2007 and 2008 and then became the first statewide coalition in 2009. How that came about was that some of us were sitting around in an office in Concord and we decided to invite all the groups we knew in NH to participate in and support a Coalition. And thus the NH Tea Party Coalition was formed, no money involved. And thus we remain.

We do not now, nor have we ever been funded by, and were certainly not ‘seeded’ by any DC group, let alone the Koch Brothers of whom most of us had never heard.

We maintain today that this is a movement and anyone seeking to call themselves a ‘leader’ is simply hitching their wagon to the energy. We have thus far successfully resisted any efforts by these self-proclaimed but unrecognized tea party ‘leaders’ who keep making fools of themselves in the national press by putting targets on their backs. And the desperation of the mainstream press to find someone or something to criticize or blame is never ending.

Groups like FreedomWorks have their place, but it must be said they support the tea party mission, rather than they founded or seeded them, as that is just not true. There will always be attempts to hijack our movement, and so far, we haven’t allowed it here in NH.

We welcome everyone to support our movement, whose mission it is to inform, educate and motivate first and foremost.

So next time you read the words of the gullible and far-reaching mainstream media, you can tell them what really happened. OH and you might ask them why they don’t mind their whole progressive movement being funded by someone (Soros) who really ought to be in jail for Nazi war crimes?

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