NHTPC 2010 Wrap-Up

Manchester Tea Party Highlights – April 15, 2010

First we’d like to thank our supporting groups for all their hard work. Organizing an event of this size is a daunting task and it takes many hands in a combined effort to pull it off. We hope the attendees got to see the wonderful cadre of volunteer organizations that was have working at every level to scale back government and preserve freedom. And we enjoyed welcoming scores of newcomers to the movement.

We also want to thank our wonderful EMCEE Grant Bosse for not only commanding your attention with his resonant ‘announcer’ voice but for knowing his stuff and our people!

And to our speakers, NH residents Thom Thomson and former Senator Gordon Humphrey for their passion and knowledge of the “NH Way”.

Finally, on a whim we had asked Congressman Thaddeus McCotter to come to NH to speak to us and we’re glad he accepted. His words were encouraging and show his deep understanding of what our elected officials are supposed to for us when they go to DC. Later as he recounted his tea party visits for Greta VanSusteren, she asked him, “Why NH”? Our answer? “Because we asked”!

Maybe next time he’ll play guitar with us. :-)

Also to be thanked are the candidates who contributed by having tables at the event. We could not have done this without them.

Many of you are sending your impressions of the event and wonderful photos to use, which we will post later, some here and the rest to our Flickr account… so please check back.

Crashing the Tea Parties a Bust

Bernardin w/Camera to Protest Bad Spelling?

Bernardin w/Camera to Protest Bad Spelling?

Well, after all that talk about wanting to crash the tea party and act in ways that would make us look bad, only a few of our friends on the left actually dared to attend, and they didn’t cause any trouble. This was generally the case across the country. But, we are beginning to wonder if these people really do prize diversity because we could not help but notice that they were overwhelmingly white.

In fact, 100% of them were “pasty white people”.

For example, Ms. Melissa Bernardin is connected to a string of groups such as Democracy for New Hampshire, Priorities NH, League of Conservation Voters, America Votes, Clean Water Action, Repower America, (oh my!) and facilitator in the NH Citizens Alliance, a group associated with questionable characters like Sarah Chaisson Warner of the infamous ‘white pride’ smear. She seemed to be on the prowl for something, anything, she could find. But the only thing these tea partiers were apparently guilty of was a bit of bad spelling. (And even that was rare)

We wonder if this is not a signal to Ms. Bernardin that she should just get a life already?

Other rallies were not so lucky. People suspected as ‘plants’ came in pretending to be separatists etc. Whether they were plants or not, they do not represent tea party principles and were outed or ejected. Other reports of Alinsky failures can be seen here…

In this report of a man who held up a sign that was clearly in violation of the principles of the group that was putting on the rally, it is obvious that the tactic was bait and switch. Because the tea partiers did not think the man’s sign reflected tea party principles, and one ripped it out of his hands, he then cried ‘violence’. Do these idiots really think we don’t see the attempt to set up here? Thankfully law enforcement saw it differently and charged him with every violation they could think of, including disrupting the free speech of others.

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For those who did not want to drive all the way to Manchester the Seacoast Freedom Network, one of our member groups, sponsored another great event. This video from Portsmouth is worth watching. Hear what one former citizen of Communist Czechoslovakia had to say about how living in that country compared to what is going in America today.

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Concord at Noon

A smaller rally not sponsored by NHTPC was held at noon in Concord. Here too they had some of our liberal friends pay a visit and we feel that it is our civic duty to let you know who these folks are. Apparently, the usually outspoken elements of the left in NH were subdued by our threat to “book ’em Dano” if they dared start any trouble. We heard of only one incident where someone driving by shouted the R-word and the police officer promptly set him straight and sent him on his way. Nevertheless, likely having had their curiosity stirred up by the media who can’t stop droning on and on about what should be a pretty dead subject by now, others like Tim Arsenault, head of OFA-NH, apparently had nothing better to do on his lunch hour than to gawk at the crowd.

Another Pasty White Liberal Observes the Tea Party

Another Pasty White Liberal Observes the Tea Party

Hey you know what? We see a pattern here. Bernardin, Arsenault… wait, aren’t those both names derived from French-Canadian heritage? And they say WE are not diverse? Just kidding. But it’s about as shallow a charge as some you are still hearing in the useless media, and in offensive political cartoons that make baseless insinuations. The constant drumbeat is frankly getting tiresome…

Here is a great story with a great sign created to ‘out’ any interlopers. And of how an Obama supporter who is black ventured out to the rally in DC and came away with a new idea about the tea party.

We Are All Americans

Finally, minorities speak out on the demonization of the tea parties as being white supremacists. Now, where on earth do you suppose they would get THAT idea? From the government/media partnership of course! We hope the public will do a little diligent research on their own to see just who is behind the constant drumbeat of ‘racism’ (media + government) and expose it for the nonsense that it really is. Is it any wonder that many media outlets, including and especially printed, are falling in popularity with the consumers? Media should be reporting the news, rather than embarking on a crusade to shape it.

Here is a perfect example of race-baiting by the media — a question is asked by this reporter, for no other reason but to stir up controversy where none exists. If you are not convinced by now this R-word meme is something cooked up by the government and media to squelch opposition to the ‘agenda’ we don’t know how much more evidence you need.

Coming up in a future article: Learn how the FBI and DHS is used to spy on ordinary Americans who organize tea party rallies and how this is a violation of first amendment rights. And yes, we have pictures of them.