Still No Evidence of Slurs at DC Rally

Despite the spin from liberal bloggers and news outlets, there is still not a shred of evidence to support the allegation that any racial slurs were made toward members of Congress by those who traveled to DC over the weekend to warn the their representatives NOT to vote for one of the most sweeping and damaging pieces of legislation to come down the pike in years.

Apparently, when confronted with the prospect of being shouted at by almost 50,000 ordinary citizens who had shown up on very short notice, one fellow jumped the shark, and made an as of yet unfounded accusation about hearing the “N” word.

Even staffers who walked WITH the Congressman through the angry crowds and who were filming with cell phones and cameras, including Jesse Jackson Jr., could not come up with anything.

Included was Maxine Waters herself, who hurled a sexual slur at the demonstrators. Barney Frank said the F word to someone inside, who said a different F word back to him (believed to be staged because the man was not to be found later) and that was about it.

Apparently not only is it OK for liberals like Maxine Waters to unapologetically hurl sexual slurs at the public, for Joe Biden and Barney Frank to shout the F word, but for SEIU workers to actually beat up a black man while they scream the “N” word and have it go unnoticed and uncondemned by the progressive media and liberals who never said a word about it. During the elections, activists even burned down Sarah Palin’s Alaskan church…

Finally, Andrew Breitbart of Big Government has stated that if anyone can find evidence of the “N” word used ONE SINGLE TIME, he will donate $10,000 of his own money to the United Negro College Fund. Any takers? We’ll see.

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