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Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap

Chairman of The NH Democrat Party Ray Buckley was caught promoting an unfounded smear against NH Tea Party Coalition (NHTPC) originally made in a still not retracted as of March 25 press release of March 21 by Sarah Chaisson Warner, Director of the NH Citizens Alliance

Sarah Chaisson Warner purposely continues to defame NH Tea Partiers in a press release with information she knows is false

Sarah Chaisson Warner purposely continues to defame NH Tea Partiers in a press release with information she knows is false

This is not the first time a small cadre of posters who gather on the far-left “Blue Hampshire” website (including Atty. Kathy Sullivan former NHDP Chair, State Rep. Timothy Horrigan (D), Dean Barker, Zandra Hawkins of Granite State Progress, Sarah Chaisson Warner of NH Citizens Alliance, leftist blogger Susan Bruce, Thom Simmons, and current NH Democrat Party Chair, Raymond Buckley) have purposefully promulgated, printed, and promoted unfounded, manufactured smears against people they wish to defame.

In her egregious press release of March 21, Sarah Chaisson Warner of NH Citizens Alliance stated flatly: “NH Tea Party Members Celebrate White Pride Day at New Hampshire State House”. She then devolved into a second defamatory accusation, with a long rant in which she implied NHTPC had somehow acted in a way that resembled a “national pattern of the disrespectful, racist and homophobic behavior”.

There was one small problem however. She knew full well that no NH Tea Party members were at the NH Statehouse that day, nor had they or any of their supporting groups organized or participated in any events that might have taken place there. Further, NHTPC has never so much as garnered a parking ticket in a whole year of its existence, let alone have committed any of the heinous acts described in the press release.

[Note: We have to wonder at this point, where was Ms. Warner to denounce the activities of SEIU thugs when they beat up black tea partier Kenneth Gladney, a handicapped man, and shouted racial epithets at him because they didn't like the pins he was selling? Or when a tea partier was kicked and then spat upon at the Portsmouth Town Hall last August by two pro-health care thugs? We have chronicled almost a dozen of incidents of violence and disrespectful behavior such as this from the astro-turfed left... and this latest bullying stunt is just more of the same.]

Fact Checking Not Done – On Purpose?

Before sending out such a press release, it would have been very easy for Warner to ascertain the truth by simply checking NHTPC’s website. Instead of acknowledging that the NHTPC had NO events of ANY kind scheduled for Sunday March 21st at the NH Statehouse, and that the group she saw there was certainly NOT part of our NH group, she instead took the opportunity to use the internet to bully the NHTPC. NHTPC had NOT directed any one to go to the Statehouse that day, nor was the NHTPC ever even aware of any other event planned for that day.

It has since become clear to us that those demonstrating at the NH Statehouse on Sunday were part of a group from out of state. Their use of the historical “Gadsden” flag does not automatically implicate or impugn others who also use the flag. As is true of the American flag, there is no copyright on the design. But apparently Warner’s eagerness to defame NH Tea Party people overcame her even though aware that they were not, in fact, associated with NHTPC.

Just Who is NH Citizens Alliance?

Ironically “White Pride” groups typically hold socialist beliefs that are more in line with those of progressives such as the Granite State Progress and NH Citizens Alliance, the group who authored the press release. In fact, “White Pride” socialists agree with groups like NHCA because they support government universal health care, supported by the fact they were not protesting that issue.

But there is another connection. We maintain that the tacit acceptance of racism is just as bad as overt racism. Research shows that NHCA (as is GSP) is but one of a network of “satellite” progressive groups that accepts DIRECT FUNDING from leftist billionaire and internationally convicted criminal George Soros, who just happens to also be a proud, self-described Nazi-enabler. So just who is to say who this “White Pride” group really identifies with? How is their overt racism any different from the implied consent to racism when groups like NHCA take money from and are founded by a creature like George Soros?

The NHCA states on their ABOUT page, that they “work closely with our national partner USAction Education Fund.”

Turns out that USAction Education Fund is their tie to George Soros. Working closely with a convicted international criminal who broke the Bank of England, and proud Nazi? How nice. Now, let’s talk about true motivations, shall we?

After such a revelation it would seem rather presumptuous of two groups (Hawkins’ group as well) with ties to such a controversial and divisive character as George Soros to think they could be in any position to demand someone else disavow themselves from a something to which they have no connection whatsoever.

On their website they trumpet the causes of civil rights and social and political justice. Does this include making false statements about people with the intent to damage their reputation?

Stretching It

On the blog, the above-named collaborators take their desperately concocted story to new heights. Charging “associated” blame, they further demand that prominent Republicans denounce some unspecified behavior from some mystery group that no one knew or saw. Are you kidding? Haven’t you yet figured out that YOU are the ones who are in trouble?

Demand for Retraction is Made

The NHTPC calls on Chairman Buckley to HAVE THE INTEGRITY, as the TITULAR HEAD OF THE NH DEMOCRATIC PARTY, to issue a full apology to the innocent parties he and his cohorts have defamed, and to arrange for the webmaster of Blue Hampshire to remove the injurious title of the blog post. If this is not done immediately, we suggest that the NHDP demand he step down as Party Chair. At the very least, one would think they would condemn his participation in such recklessly shady activities. Somehow we cannot imagine the current Chair of either party hanging out on sleazy bulletin boards, making undignified, reckless, and potentially libelous statements about people.

The Clock is Ticking

We demand that Sarah Chaisson Warner of NH Citizens Alliance also take responsibility for her actions in initiating this smear, and, as provided for in NH law, demand she retract her shameful press release as well as have the blog title removed, which read in part…

“For Immediate Release: Sunday, March 21, 2010 Contact: Sarah Chaisson Warner, 603-225-2097

NH Tea Party Members Celebrate White Pride Day at New Hampshire State House Actions in New Hampshire follow national pattern of the disrespectful, racist and homophobic behavior that has characterized Tea Party activities Concord, New Hampshire – Members of the New Hampshire Tea Party celebrated White Pride today in front of the New Hampshire State House by waving yellow tea party flags alongside “White Pride” flags and signs with the message “Diversity is the New Racism”. ”

Note, the press release did not say Tea Party, but repeatedly specifies the NH Tea Party — emphasis on NH — when she clearly knew that this group that appeared at the Statehouse was from Massachusetts and had no connection whatsoever to the NHTPC. This establishes the intent on her part to do harm. Intent matters, my friend.

Zandra Rice Hawkins of Granite State Progress - a group with a lot in common with NEWP.

Zandra Rice Hawkins of Granite State Progress - a group with a lot in common with NEWP.

To Zandra Rice Hawkins of Granite State Progress, we refuse to succumb to your bullying. We will not be forced to “disavow” some group we have no connection to, and which does not claim a connection to us. Hawkin’s theory of self-identification is wrong — these folks believe in National Socialism which is more in line with the views of Granite State Progress and NH Citizens Alliance and have stated so. Therefore it is Granite State Progress and NH Citizens Alliance who should be the ones disavowing this group of white pride national socialists from Mass. who clearly do not support tea party principles. This is not the first time Hawkins has tried to pin guilt on others using the “when did you stop beating your wife” tactic.

And we are not falling for it.

We suggest that Ms. Warner, described here as a “Social Change Agent” from Harvard first check her sources (as any high schooler would be required to do) and then, save her “creative writing” talents for stories that do not purposefully attack and defame the innocent.

Just how much does George Soros the Nazi-enabler pay you for cooking up this trash Sarah? What kind of social justice advocates would take money from the most injust George Soros? When will you reject your next paycheck of his dirty money? We suggest these misguided young people get off the Soros dole and get a real job.

Update: Seems that on March 24, 2010 at 8:48 PM one of the 5 people who were part of the “White Pride” group that apparently came to NH from Mass on March 21 to protest at the NH Statehouse have posted a statement on the NowHampshire blog which reads:

“As one of the five members of North East White Pride that staged the rally on Sunday at the Concord state house, I can assure everyone that we are not in anyway affiliated with the Tea Party Coalition. That movement, like the “Reagan Revolution” and the “Contract with America” before it, will fail, simply because it refuses to acknowledge that the problems facing America are racial. The Powers-That-Be hate White America and until White Americans come to understand this, they (the PTB) will continue to denigrate our heritage, rob us of our traditions, and destroy our culture and way of life. Although I think the Tea Partiers are headed down the wrong path, I certainly support their right not to be slandered. If the Tea Party Coalition needs an affidavit from me, you can contact me by clicking on my name above.”

So, there you have it. Not only were these 5 people NOT NHTPC members (who by the way are still being defamed over and over and over again) they in fact are a group who does NOT even ‘self-identify’ with the tea party movement in general.

We were also correct when we said that the ideas of such groups are more in line with the ideas of the groups run by Zandra Rice Hawkins and Sarah Chaisson Warner of Granite State Progress and NH Citizens Alliance respectively, as they share the same ‘roots’. And it is interesting to note that even a lousy “white pride” group has more honesty than the scumbags at Blue Hampshire and their leader Ray Buckley in admitting all of the above. We wonder just how much deeper BH and Co. are willing to dig themselves in on this? Stay tuned…

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