Coffee Party is More Soros-Funded Progressive Astroturf

This past Saturday, a group called the “Coffee Party” founded by left wing activist and Obama supporter Annabel Park (a seasoned political activist who got frustrated with the fact that the Tea Parties were getting their message heard, and the liberals who support Obama were not) attempted to hold startup meetings all over the USA. In what would typically be expected from the compromised press, media outlets reported on the 15 or so people that gathered in a few places here and there as if this were some tsunami of a movement of thousands. Pretty pathetic.

We did a little digging and found that the “Coffee Party” is nothing more than another Soros-Funded progressive “astroturfed” operation and they clearly state this on their own Democracy in Action website:

Under “Financing”: “Many thanks to our foundation grantors, the Surdna Foundation and the Open Society Institute, for their support.”

Here is a screenshot of that section.

Coffee Party Funded by Socialist Billionaire George Soros

Coffee Party Funded by Socialist Billionaire George Soros

Democracy in Action is also linked to Wired for Change whose clients include the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the DEMOCRATIC Congressional Campaign Committee and whose motto is “wiring the progressive movement” for “social justice”.

It is clear that the “Coffee Party” aka Democracy in Action, is simply another tentacle of the vast left-wing Soros network.

Park’s originally stated intention was to “render the Tea Party obsolete”…

Soros money also runs the Center for American Progress, which is the think tank from which Obama’s ideas and advisors (David Axelrod) hail, so I guess it’s proof that these Progressive Marxists run our President, and Soros money owns our country now. Indeed one can look at the goals on the Open Society Website and easily predict what socialist utopian horrors Obama still has in store for us…

The Coffee Party USA may as well be the Communist Party USA…
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