School That Spied was UN “IB” School!

More reason why should be run out of this country on a rail and not allowed anywhere near our children.

The FBI will now be getting into the act in Probing this Pa. School’s Webcam Spy Case.

The school is accused of secretly activating webcams inside students’ homes without their knowledge and then discussing what was seen.

It is interesting to note that this school is an “IB” school — a school that has been taken over by the United Nations, whereby school boards, without a vote of the taxpayers, have paid for UNESCO’s Agenda 21-driven curriculum, dispensed through and organization called

In NH, Bedford High School offers the program along with AP (some courses are the same), Londonderry and Windham have aspirations to implement the program, and Merrimack Valley a regional district with MV being the first to hand over complete control of their district to the IBO. MVSD currently uses the PYP, which is for primary grades. See

Here is a photo of an informational session where the IBO logo can be seen projected on a huge screen. IBO often describes itself using words of high praise, praise that is undeserved. This IBO program is nothing more than an expensive vehicle for inculcating UN propaganda into the minds of our best and brightest children.

Harriton High School is one of the select, teacher-trained high schools nationwide offering students the option of the renowned Diploma Program of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), a demanding pre-university course designed for highly motivated eleventh and twelfth grade students. This past week, Tom O’Brien, coordinator of Lower Merion School District’s I.B. program gave a winter presentation to interested parents and students. Through a two-hour discussion, O’Brien provided an in-depth guide to the origins, philosophy, course structure, demands, benefits and intellectual culture of the program along with the application process. He continually stressed to parents that for students to be successful in the program, they must be the decision-makers regarding the application and commitment.

The evening additionally included a current member and two graduates of LMSD’s program. They added the student perspective along with helpful suggestions to parents and students regarding sophomore course selections to better prepare for the I.B. demands in the junior and senior years. In the approximately 40 years since its founding, the I.B. diploma has become a worldwide symbol of academic integrity and intellectual promise.

For a brief audio slide show of the evening’s presentation, CLICK HERE

Literature on the program is available HERE

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