How the Press is Spinning – Its Own Wheels

We continue to be amazed at how the press continues to waste its time talking about this convention event as if it had anything to do with the movement in general.

“(CNN) — As the Tea Party’s first national convention gets under way, members are united in their anger but divided over the future of the movement.”

This has to be the stupidest most irrelevant article we have ever seen. This is ONE group, in ONE part of the country and has absolutely NOTHING to do with the direction of the “MOVEMENT” since most state and local groups have NOTHING to do with THIS group and NOTHING to do with THIS convention event.

Whatever happens at this isolated event has absolutely ZERO effect on the DIRECTION of the movement!

We actually love the press’s silly obsession with this issue, as they are wasting their time on something that doesn’t amount to a HILL OF BEANS.