Goley Supports Income Tax

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Jeff Goley will be opposing David Boutin in the general election for Senate District 16 on February 16, 2010.

Jeff Goley announced his support for an income tax on the New Hampshire State Legislative Election 2002 National Political Awareness Questionnaire (votesmart.org).

“Should New Hampshire implement a statewide income tax,” asked the questionnaire.
“Yes,” wrote Jeff Goley.

Note: Somehow, after this fact was revealed, the votesmart.org page magically reverted back to an 8 year old survey.

Here is a cached version of the actual CURRENT SURVEY page where you can see for yourself that Jeff Goley supports and income tax.

His past behavior would also support this. He’s voted to take up income tax bills, he voted for the Democrats disastrous LLC small business income tax and he’s supporting more reckless spending that could force an income tax on New Hampshire.

Part of the survey:

No j) Should Internet sales be taxed?
Yes k) Should New Hampshire implement a statewide income tax?
Undecided l) Should New Hampshire implement a statewide sales tax?

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