Schools Teaching Communism – Howard Zinn

If it were not already bad enough that we have college professors right here in NH teaching our prospective teachers the supposed superiority of one-world socialism, and International Baccalaureate programs directed by UNESCO’s bureaucrats from Geneva taking over our high schools, we now have a social studies curriculum promoted that was written by Communist Howard Zinn.

If taxpayers do not stop what is going on in our nations schools, they will remain nothing more than indoctrination centers. For example, in the program called “The People Speak” the desire for a country with a common culture and Pledge of Allegiance is compared to the Nazi salute and slogan. However, these same people do not mind promoting the ‘one world, one government’ theme that is rampant in educational materials today, because of the fact that so much of our public school content is not only influenced by UN Treaties and Agreements but then it is mandated by the Federal Government.

What else is going on in your kids’ school?

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