Kill You For Your Hat?

No matter whether you are a Governor Palin supporter or not, Palin has shown herself to be a decent and honest conservative who doesn’t deserve the violence, vitriol and litigation that has been directed at her from jealous liberals.

Witness TV’s most ignorant loudmouthed woman Joy Behar, egging her guests on to see who can be the most offensive and violent.

In this clip you can hear them talking about throwing mayonnaise jars, cans of tomatoes or even the spit that you cook chicken on, at Governor Palin’s head, all because they didn’t like her re-use of a visor that had Senator McCain’s name on it.

These people are worthless and sad and have no other purpose in their lives except to hate and incite violence. They remind me of 5th grade schoolyard bullies who make fun of their classmates for not wearing clothes they approve of.

These are your standard, classless liberals my friend…these are the kind of vicious characters who are running our country.

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