The Serpent Beguiled Me

Tweet And I Did Eat… by Steve MacDonald Senator Gregg got a letter from some “religious leaders” whose purpose was clearly to connote a statewide overreaching feeling from people of religion that there is a majority interest in current so-called health care reform and debate as contained in the Senate Bill currently in play. But […]

St. Louis Tea Party Draws 4000

Tweet November 28, 2009 St Louis Today Tea partiers score Democrats agenda here ST. LOUIS — Criticizing the Democrats’ health care reform plan, proposed climate change legislation and the media, members of the St. Louis Tea Party coalition gathered at Kiener Plaza on Saturday for their fourth major local rally. Coalition officials estimated about 4,000 […]

Education for the New Age

Tweet Since 1946, Teachers Used to Politically Restructure America It is no secret that public education has been influenced by outside forces who have it geared more toward social engineering and the political restructuring of our country, and less toward the teaching of usable skills. Teachers who try to fight this trend are often persecuted […]

Communist and Don’t Know It

Tweet Here is a quote from a blogger. “Put it all together the racism, the authoritarianism, the aggressiveness and threats of violence, the bullying, the ignorance, the manipulation, the outright deception, the corporate links and funding and media support and we have something that is by definition a movement of American fascism.” Now I know […]

Obama’s Tawana Brawley Moment

Tweet Despite evidence to support the fact that the anthropogenic global warming has recently been exposed as an utter and complete hoax, President Obama will be traveling to Copenhagen to lay out emissions goals for the United States. It is not clear whether he will actually sign away our country’s sovereignty, and if so, does […]

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