Mayor Guinta Not Allowed at Shea-Porter Town Hall

When Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta tried to get into one of Carol Shea-Porter’s two health care town halls today, he was refused. Sources from the Mayor’s office say that they think it was because Porter had so many of her staff and supporters with her, she chose to accommodate them instead.

Interesting to note that before Shea-Porter ever ran for office herself, she was known for dogging town halls held by then-Congressman Jeb Bradley, even getting tossed out for disruption at one point.

Guinta who is running against Porter in the 2010 election, will hold his own health care town hall in Exeter on August 31.

Both Manchester and Portsmouth venues for these town halls were just big enough to hold 100 or so people. As expected, NHTPC was told that she stacked the meeting with her supporters, and some people that were not even from NH. One man was escorted from the hall because he became extremely agitated over the possibility that many attendees were not even from NH. Those folks who could not get inside or who had signs were relegated to the sidewalk across the street, along with the usual astroturfed pro-Obamacare groups.

The meeting began by Porter asking two individuals to tell their personal stories of how they felt disenfranchised by the health care or insurance industry. This took up a precious 20 minutes of the whole hour.

Questioners were chosen by lottery but only about 10 questions were entertained due to the fact that Porter reportedly gave long-winded answers. Our sources told us that Porter seemed to love to hear herself talk, rather than hear from her constituents and attendees became annoyed.

In Portsmouth we’re told the situation wasn’t much different. It was estimated that Porter talked about 20:1 against time spent asking questions. The crowd was about half pro and half con, maybe leaning con. There were one hundred inside and about the same number who were stuck outside.

The conclusion was that Porter gave too few people the opportunity to speak and that this seemed more like a chance for her to ‘sell’ the idea than anything else. Opponents feel she will be pushing forward with this bill whether anyone likes it or not.  As a result, many independents say that due to the radical agenda of this administration and the fact that Porter seems to be ignoring the wishes of the majority of her constituents, they won’t be voting Democrat, or for her, again.

Other reports…
Tim Carter

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Diane Bitter from Rye tells Shea-Porter exactly where this country is heading!

The few who got to ask questions were chosen by lottery.

This question on tort reform had everyone energized. The UL talked about it here.

The impact of nationalized health care on the states is discussed.

One man was tossed out…

Shea-Porter is advised that a requirement to buy insurance is unconstitutional.

Note: According to this Union Leader article of July 17, 2009, Democratic incumbent Rep. Carol Shea-Porter raised more money from PACs ($68,575) than from individuals ($51,395).

Much of it comes from leadership PACs, including $2,000 from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s committee, and organized labor, including $5,000 from the American Federation of Teachers.

To further the irony, Shea-Porter railed against a national ID just before she was elected.

People wondered why this event was held in a federal building. I say because of ginned up media reports of right wing “violence”, they probably felt they need to hold it in one of the few places you can’t carry. Fact is, no one from the ‘right’ has ever threatened anyone, with a gun or otherwise, at a town hall protest. It is in fact the left who has perpetrated the violence so far. Does Carol really think that those of us who hold so dear the right to open carry would risk losing that by encouraging or engaging in any sort of gratuitous violence or threat thereof?

Our friends in Tucson have a similar situation in that one of their Reps will not meet with them (we in NH still have not met with Hodes or Shaheen) and the protesters are usually the majority at rallies, asking all the important questions but never seeming to get an answer.

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