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Obama’s Green Energy Scams

Tweet Courtesy of AFP.. Hello Occupy… Occupy THIS! Green Energy Scam

Barack Obama’s and Nancy Pelosi’s Tea Party

Tweet And it’s not pretty.. Our country is in trouble tea partiers. Deep trouble..

Occupy Wall Street – Anarchy is Unfit for Humans

Tweet An interesting account of the dangers of an anarchistic society shown by the Occupy movement is here at Big Government. And apparently my own experiences with censorship, ageism, and misogyny from Occupiers were not unusual or isolated. Another of their articles demonstrates why Occupy is unsafe in particular for women and children, complete with […]

Dear Nancy Pelosi

Tweet Well, we wonder what Nancy Pelosi, who cried crocodile tears over the tea party because they did no worse than yell a little at town halls, thinks of all these people getting arrested — people with scary masks and covered faces? Occupiers include Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, American Nazi Party, KKK […]

Where Are Top NH Dems on OWS?

Tweet Nancy Pelosi was crying crocodile tears over imaginary violence (because it never materialized) and perceived racism at our tea parties (she said a sign had swastikas on it — but as far as we know, this ONE person who was carrying it was referring to how the he felt about the government’s behavior towards […]

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