Which Senators Voted Against Internet Freedom? (CISA)

Tweet Notice which Senators voted to take away your internet freedom? NH Senators Ayotte and Shaheen are among the others such as Reid, McCain and the rest of the suspects, which isn’t surprising. However, Ted Cruz touts himself as a liberty candidate, but votes against liberty and for the police state more often than not. […]

Armed Foreign Soldiers Patrolling America

Tweet It is here, it is now. Wake up America! If the above video does not appear on your device, use this direct link: https://youtu.be/XKfuS6gfxPY

Globalist Paul Ryan and the Aspen Institute

Tweet Reprint of an article from 2012 about Paul Ryan, who is vying for Speaker of the House in 2016. Institute graduate Ryan spoke at Soros’s “non-partisan” Aspen Institute confab in 2015. (Although he has since had his name scrubbed from the page.) The Aspen Institute is sort of an American Bilderberg. In addition to […]

Shire Sharing for Thanksgiving

Tweet IT’S SHIRE SHARING TIME! CALL TO ACTION! SHIRE SHARING is initiating their fundraising drive for Shire Sharing 2015! What is Shire Sharing?? It is a voluntarily-funded effort to provide Thanksgiving meals to families in need all across NH. It the brainchild of Amanda Bouldin, no, make that NH STATE REPRESENTATIVE Amanda Bouldin. This is […]

US Government Commits Treason

Tweet WELCOME TO ORWELL’S NIGHTMARE US Attorney General, US Cities, Join UN to Create Global Police Force Initiative – Loretta Lynch Announces “Strong Cities Network“ Please watch this important video below from Constitutional Attorney KrisAnne Hall about the institution of the “Strong Cities Network” which is nothing more than the imposition of INTERNATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT […]