More Violations of Our Children in the Public Schools

Tweet Let’s cut to the chase here. This touchy issue recently came up in a discussion with a parent who said that while she would never allow this to happen to her child, she was skeptical of the veracity of the numerous reports from around the country. Children do not expect to go to school […]

NH Civilians Take Up Arms to Protect Public

Tweet Apparently since despite the increased spying, data collection, and gun grabbing that has been going on in the name of fighting “terrorism”, our own government agencies, namely the FBI and DHS, cannot seem to foil attacks from lone gunmen even when they KNOW they are going to happen. Also, not lost on the public […]

Michael New – His Fight Continues

Tweet In 1996 very few people knew or cared about the case of Michael New, a soldier who refused to wear the UN uniform because he knew it was unconstitutional. His case continues to this day as he tries to clear his name. The internet was fairly young then, and the public was shielded from […]

Freedom Index Released, Shaheen Scores 7%

Tweet How did your US Senators and Congressmen score on the latest freedom index from one of the premier constitution-tracking groups in the country? Read and listen about the index here: Download a copy for yourself here: The Freedom Index: A Congressional Scorecard Based on the U.S. Constitution” rates congressmen based on their […]

Donald Trump

Tweet IMPORTANT NOTE: All posts about prominent political figures or candidates reflect facts gleaned from various sources for informational purposes only as it pertains to issues of importance to teapartiers. IT IS NEVER TO BE CONSTRUED AS AN ATTACK nor an ENDORSEMENT of these individuals. The teaparty does not run, fund, or endorse candidates. Candidates […]

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