Judge Ruling on IRS

Tweet “The founder of the state’s Tea Party Coalition says the Internal Revenue Service should be “shut down” after a judge acknowledged in an opinion that agents targeted conservative groups based on their political beliefs.” “”It’s political warfare for people to use their political power to go after others because of their points of view,” […]

Article V Convention and the Balanced Budget Amendment

Tweet Debunking the promoters of the Con Con including Mark Levin Balanced budget amendment & NO, NADA, NINE. from Robert Powell

Jenny Beth Martin Who Do You Think You Are?

Tweet As we’ve written before, the so-called “Tea Party Patriots” group is nothing more than a GOP PAC that was started in 2009 by stealing the name of our grassroots issues movement from 2007 and pretending it was original. Numerous GOP consultants, GOP fundraiser gurus, and self-serving lawyers did the same thing, establishing their own […]

A Constitutional Convention Must be Stopped

Tweet Prominent Historians Propose a New Constitution “We need a new constitution.” That is the direct declaration made in a two-part essay written by imminent American historians Andrew Burstein and Nancy Isenberg. Not only do the pair of professors pronounce the current Constitution dead, but they introduce us to its replacement before the body is […]

Are NH’s Sheriffs Constitutional?

Tweet Jerry DeLemus doesn’t think so and that is why he is running for that office in Strafford County. In fact he knows they are not, perhaps with the exception of Grafton County’s Sheriff. A while back, in a joint effort with some of our supporting groups, NHTPC’s public relations person sent polling letters to […]

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