The Smoking Gun: Government Advised to Target Groups Using IRS in 1961

Tweet What an odd collection of groups that Southern Poverty Law Center combined under one heading! But what else can be expected from the likes of the SPLC? Are the powers behind SPLC worried that their comrades are losing ground? See attachment for: AGENDA 21 The UN, Sustainability and Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory A Special Report […]

Leaked Video Exposes a Testy Scott Brown

Tweet There was to be no recording or photography at this closed meeting with the Gun Owners of NH but somehow, a video/audio was leaked to the Boston Globe and other outlets. Yesterday, Senator Kelly Ayotte sent out a missive informing her constituents that she endorses Scott Brown to replace Senator Jeanne Shaheen. Most of […]

New Hampshire Sets Up Vaccine Registry

Tweet Disturbing news from Laura Condon, NH Director of Advocacy for NVIC… Please be aware that NH DHHS is working to put in place a State Vaccine Registry of all residents of NH, children and adults. NH law allows this to happen and on April 23 the Executive Council approved a 5-year contract with Scientific […]

Why John Boehner Hates The Tea Party

Tweet This is one of the best articles ever written about the origins of the real tea party and what it was formed over. Pastor Baldwin lists the issues and talks about the GOP infiltrators who came along in 2009 and who spell tea in tea party as TEA claiming it stood for taxed enough […]

RLCNH Making Endorsements, Supporting Good Candidates

Tweet As you know the NHTPC as a ‘coalition’ does not run or endorse candidates. However we do have supporting groups who perform that function and the NHTPC supports their efforts. If you are interested in finding out which are the preferred candidates for state offices, in addition to the RLCNH endorsements, many other groups […]

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