Article V Convention to Disarm Americans

Tweet More on the dangers of the Article V Convention: If the above video does not appear on your device, use this direct link:

Support Connecticut Rally April 5th

Tweet For those who cannot actually attend the second amendment rally in Connecticut, there will be a rally here in NH. Please click on the flyer for a larger view…

17 Republicans Vote for Radical Educational Agenda

Tweet HB 1508, which would have terminated Common Core in NH, went down in defeat on the NH House floor today. Many parents came out to greet Representatives today in support of HB 1508. But NH parents and the taxpayers, were ignored. Here is a list of the 17 GOP legislators that voted AGAINST parents […]

Why All Wars are Bankers Wars

Tweet Michael Rivero gives a good explanation of why we invade other countries and force them to join the central banking system. The creation of the Federal Reserve basically handed us back to the British Oligarchy in 1913 since which time we have not been a ‘free’ country.

Girl Wakes Up, Burns Obama Shirt

Tweet Now if only a few million others would get it as well.

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