Call to Action! No Con Con!

Tweet From Ben Swann: As Americans, we should all do ourselves a huge favor in the coming days and make as many phone calls as possible to our local leaders, state representatives, and national representatives to let them know that a Con Con is not in our best interest. Together, let’s tell Mark Levin and […]

Never Mind an Audit, Let’s End the Fed

Tweet From C4L: On Friday, the majority of the Senate voted to proceed on Janet Yellen’s confirmation to become the next Federal Reserve Chair. Harry Reid may have won round one in the battle to confirm Janet Yellen without holding a Senate vote on Audit the Fed (S. 209), but the war is far from […]

How to Decimate Our Constitution

Tweet Another take on why the con con is so dangerous. “But for 100 years, almost everyone in our Country has ignored our Constitution.Thus, instead of restricting spending to the enumerated objects of its powers, the people we send to Congress spend money on what anybody wants- and so gave us a debt of $17 […]

After 100 Years, Time to End the Fed

Tweet Yes we are quite fed up with the fed and their collection agency the IRS. 1913 was the year we lost sovereignty to this foreign entity. Illegal, and unconstitutional. “It was in 1913 that congress, in passing the “Federal Reserve Act” violated the U.S. Constitution and essentially granted its power to create money to […]

Whose Fault for Obamacare?

Tweet Who to blame? Only one man and his minions…

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