That’s Nice Sheriff Hilliard But What About This?

Tweet Merrimack County Sheriff Scott Hilliard has come out against the Bloomberg Bus interlopers from NYC who came to NH to get support for gun control, but quickly lost credibility after they read names of criminals as ‘victims of gun crime’. Hilliard, who is also president of the New Hampshire Sheriff’s Association, was NOT among […]

Presentation on Agenda 21 by D. Niwa

Tweet An excellent Presentation by Debra K. Niwa Aug. 12, 2012, Maine, U.S.A. [11:20 minutes] The video is based on Niwa’s research that is compiled in a document titled “Disguised as ‘Quality of Life’ Initiatives: U.N. Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.” (Downloadable from Freedom Advocates here: which is also listed here:

Update on OTPOR and Soros’ Astroturfed Revolution

Tweet A while back when Occupy Wall Street first began (with stages, mics, libraries, soup kitchens provided and speakers from abroad) we exposed the money and people behind the movement. Here is another account that delves into the fact that these supposed uprisings are carried out by revolutionaries for hire, often they don’t even originate […]

Shaheen, Ayotte Hammered on FB for Traitorous Vote on Amnesty

Tweet Both NH Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Kelly Ayotte are being hammered and told their political careers are over for their traitorous votes on the Rubio/Schumer amnesty bill. Indeed, they will both be facing primaries for this. Ayotte’s vote to fund and arm Al Qaeda rebels in Syria, a place where most agree as non-interventionists […]

NHTPC Protests the IRS

Tweet On May 19, 2013 a contingent from the NHTPC led by one of our intrepid organizers from Littleton, protested the IRS in Manchester. Here are the photos. On June 19, this is what they saw in DC: What We Saw at the Counter Revolution Washington, D.C., June 19,2013: A group of us from the […]

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