Gun Rights Activists Gather at Statehouse

Tweet About 700 NH patriots gathered at the statehouse in Concord NH on this windy day today to express their dissatisfaction with the Obama’s administration’s attempt to use recent tragic events as an excuse to restrict second amendment rights. Only two of NH’s 10 sheriffs have responded to NHTPC’s letter asking if they will agree […]

Concord Target of NH Listens and Regional Planners February 4

Tweet Wake up Concordians! Did you know what the regional planners and NH Listens, their Delphi masters, are putting over on the city? Perhaps it is too late to stop this, but here is a meeting where you can at least give your opinion and expose these unelected bureaucrats for what they are doing. […]

Coos County NH Sheriff Stands With Constitution

Tweet We have heard back from a second of the ten NH sheriffs. Here’s what Sheriff Marcou of Coos County had to say: I will continue 2 uphold my oath to the US Constitution regarding the second Amendment as I have done in the past I will continue to do in the future. Sincerely, Gerald […]

More Democrats Want to Restrict Your Freedoms

Tweet A group of NH residents have filed a petition that calls for NH State Representative Cynthia Chase’s “censure and impeachment” as a result of earlier remarks she made regarding these residents. Chase is a Keene Democrat who represents District 8 in Cheshire County. We reported earlier on Chase, a transplant from Rhode Island herself, […]

Grafton County NH Sheriff Among Patriots Who Will Uphold the Constitution

Tweet Our first respondent as of January 28, 2013: To ALL: YES, I would like to comment. I will uphold the Constitution, I am and all my Deputies as long as I am Sheriff will NOT take any firearms away from the public. I will uphold and defend the Constitution against Obama’s unlawful gun control…. […]

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