Behind The Curtain: Clinton’s Global Initiative For Global Fabian Socialism

Romney Consorting with Fabians at CGI

Our friends over at Freedom Outpost have really nailed it. We suppose this endeavor (among others) puts Romney right in line with the rest of the globalists at this UN-wannabe confab.

“Romney’s speech gave me pause, to say the least. Supporting the Global Socialists with Clinton at the helm should worry every American” wrote Cheryl Pass…

Read the Fox News Transcript here.

She continued: “The CGI is Global for a reason. Clinton has the same egotistical desire to mold the earth into his own image as Obama has. And the image is Fabian Socialism, have no doubts. Both of them will use whatever tools to take down America, be it fascism or outright socialism.”


She concluded: “In New York this week….with the UN…Bill Clinton and world leaders planning your life and mine. Constitution? What Constitution?

To think anyone, let alone Mitt Romney, in this country would praise the twisted, sick minds of the Clintons is enough to send us all to Zelda for help.”

(Zelda is a carnival seer — see full article.)