Tell Senators NO on the Cybersecurity Act!

Tweet The Cybersecurity Act of 2012 (S. 3414) is still alive in the U.S. Senate, and could be moved for a vote any day now. Please, call your Senators IMMEDIATELY and demand they vote against this bill – including opposing cloture – at every opportunity. S. 3414 would create yet another government bureaucracy (a “National […]

Common Core to Cost Millions

Tweet Now that NH BoE, not our elected representatives in the NH legislature, has adopted Common Core , it will cost the taxpayers millions to purchase new curriculum materials. Read the Telegraph’s article wherein Superintendent Conrad claims it will cost Nashua taxpayers millions of dollars to fund this Common Core national curriculum. “Superintendent Mark Conrad […]

Armed Thugs With No Car Tags Seize Man in Citizens Arrest

Tweet In this disturbing video, thugs with no apparent authority or law enforcement identification pepper spray and abusively take James Stewart, a food distributor, away in their car. Our only question: Why didn’t these people defend themselves? Why didn’t the police come when called? Who are these people impersonating law enforcement? We will be watching […]

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Your Next Nightmare

Tweet Investigative journalist Susanne Posel has posted another well-researched article about the little-known Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Ron Kirkland, US Trade Representative for the Obama administration believes that public interest and national sovereignty must be cast to the wayside under global governance that is in line with multi-national corporate agendas that serve the global Elite. Corporate […]

NH State Rep. Judith Spang Justifies Taking of Water Rights From Property Owners

Tweet Last week, Ken Eyring of Southern NH 912 wrote an article regarding a request for Public Comment from the Water Sustainabilities Commission… I encouraged everyone to provide their input, and included a copy of my letter that expressed concerns that the WSC was planning to confiscate the water is all wells in NH. I […]

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