Obamacare Architect on Romney: “It’s the same f’ing bill”

Tweet Jonathan Gruber, a key intellectual architect of President Obama’s overhaul of the American health care system, is a little frustrated. Gruber, whose ideas also made up the landmark overhaul of health care in Massachusetts that was overseen by then-governor Mitt Romney, thinks that the Obama health care package would still be better than nothing […]

Granite State Patriots to March in July 4 Parade

Tweet CALLING ALL PATRIOTS! IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF OUR NATION! Come join your fellow Patriots on July 4th The Granite State Patriots Liberty PAC will march in the Merrimack 4TH OF JULY Parade Meet up time is 11:45 at the Merrimack Commons Parking Lot/Tractor Supply on 515 Daniel Webster Highway Parade starts […]

How Agenda 21 Affects YOU

Tweet Please watch this video to see how the UN’s Agenda 21 will affect you if you allow NH’s regional planning commissions, including the state’s water commission which was created by an executive order, to implement it using EPA/HUD/DOT grants that would set up plans to control how you travel, where you live, how and […]

Agenda 21 Proponent Hypocrisy

Tweet Champagne flowed as environmental extremists demanded lower living standards for Americans at ICLEI “World Congress” Advocates suggested you take less showers, drive less, use less heat, eat less meat and return large tracts of land to the wild.

Tea Party to March in Old Home Day Parade

Tweet The “White Mountain TEA Party” will be marching under the TEA Party banner in the Franconia Old Home Day Parade at 1:00 PM on July 7th. We welcome all TEA Party members and like-minded people to join us for this event. If you are interested in participating, please contact Russ Cumbee at whitemountainpatriots@gmail.com or […]

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