US Citizens and Government Officials Violating Logan Act

Tweet Currently in Chantilly VA, many US citizens and government officials are violating the Logan Act as they gather with press, foreign officials, corporations, bankers, and NGOs in order to shape the policies and choose candidates for American elections at a meeting of one of the world’s elite private groups. The Logan Act reads in […]

UN Wants to Raise Your Children

Tweet UN Convention on the Rights of the Child must be stopped. ALERT: CRC End-Around Now in the Senate! We have sounded the alarm about the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child, which would take away parental rights if it were ratified. With your support has secured 37 co-sponsors on SR99 […]

CACR 12 Poses Threat to the First Amendment Rights of NH Public School Students

Tweet According to NH Supreme Court education is a fundamental right , not based on the exclusive needs of a particular individual, but rather held by the public to enforce the State’s duty. We hold that in this State a constitutionally adequate public education is a fundamental right. In so doing we note that “[t]he […]

Romney’s Education Plan

Tweet Let’s not return to a “George Bush Coma” if Romney somehow wins… Earlier today, Romney announced his big government “education plan”. We heard from our tea party cohorts in Florida and New Hampshire who were as equally non-plussed as we. Here is what Diane Kepus from Florida had to say: “The Federal government, no […]

‘U.N. Me’ Movie Gives Reasons to Get US out! of the UN

Tweet ‘U.N. Me’ Movie Gives Reasons to Get US out! of the UN ‘U.N. Me,’ a movie about widespread corruption within the United Nations, opens in theatres in 11 major markets and on major cable outlets on June 1, 2012. The major markets are: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Washington, DC, Houston, Phoenix, Denver, […]

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