Who Rules Us? Required Reading for All Tea Partiers

Tweet Who Rules Us? Required Reading for All Tea Partiers — and those who still believe in the two- party system. Read Ann-Marie Slaughter’s Book “A New World Order” which is essential if you wish to understand who really rules us. http://askmarion.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/globalist-imperial-network/ On a lighter note, Jimmy Kimmel REALLY roasted Barry Sotoero at this “despicable […]

NH Senate Must Pass HB 1403

Tweet HB 1403 will bring back local control. There is no excuse for a foreign political group to be directing education in New Hampshire’s schools. It is very important that public school parents, home school parents, and taxpayers alike show up and testify on the importance of passing HB 1403 if they wish to keep […]

Farmageddon – The War on Small Farms

Tweet The government would like us to be unable to eat anything but factory farmed, genetically modified foods from big corporations like Monsanto. The war on home farming has begun… Resources: Codex Alimentarius – Beware the UN Label [ Older Site ] Dr Rima Laibow on Nutricide – in Four Parts

Call Congress to Oppose CISPA

Tweet UPDATE! Your Congressman (Bass or Guinta) both voted for CISPA which passed the House today. The House will begin debating H.R. 3523, the “Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act” (CISPA) today, and a vote on final passage is expected tomorrow. We already have to be careful enough about our privacy on the Internet, but […]

Desperate Romney and VP Pick

Tweet A desperate Mitt Romney spoke to NH voters last night, as if he had already been chosen the nominee. Trouble is, he still hasn’t got enough delegates, even after his popular vote wins this Tuesday. Truth is, he’s been bleeding delegates to the only other person in the race, Ron Paul. Paul has been […]

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