Obamas to Visit Nashua/Manchester on Wednesday

Tweet Michelle Obama will participate in the New Hampshire Leap to Victory phone bank for her husband’s re-election campaign. She’ll be at 1915 Front St., Manchester, NH 03102 on Wednesday, February 29th @ 5:30 PM. Air Force One is scheduled to fly into Wiggins Airways in Manchester at 12:20 PM Thursday. Obama is then scheduled […]

Fake Tea Party Groups Exposed

Tweet In this video, a brave woman exposes groups like Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Nation, and Tea Party Express, theteaparty.net, etc, for who and what they really are — GOP PACS started by GOP consultants for the purpose of raising money to funnel to establishment GOP candidates. She further explains that the real tea […]

UN Wants To Tax Your Internet for The Global Government

Tweet BUREAUCRATS ARE PUSHING FOR AN INTERNET TAX! From NoInternetTax.org : The U.N. believes it has the right to IMPOSE TAXES on people, businesses and industry – and they are coming for your American tax dollars. The easiest way for them to do that is through the internet, the world’s most GLOBAL forum. Neil Snyder […]