Biden Thugs Arrest Videographer in NH

Tweet Journalists beware — you were lucky to be escorted from the premises… this guy was arrested.

Obama Sets Up “Ministry of Truth”

Tweet Orwell would have been proud.. Noisy Room has the story and many links…

More Hate From the Ed Show

Tweet Schultz has an obsession with urinating on people…

Should Purveyors of “Hate” Be Banned From Airwaves?

Tweet The only ‘hate’ being purveyed by Beck is when he replays videos of progressive ideologues trash talking and hating.

NH Residents Beware of $$ Solicitations

Tweet It came to our attention that a group calling itself “Tea Party” was soliciting $$ donations from NH residents via postal mail. Please be aware that this is NOT THE NH TEA PARTY COALITION nor are we associated with this group in any way. The tea party is a movement, and as such, does […]

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