Disruption and Disrespect at the NH Statehouse


Codex Alimentarius: The UN’s Dastardly Plan to Control All Food

Tweet If Agenda 21 is the plan to control all land usage, then Codex Alimentarius is to control all food production. Obama recently signed into law the Food Modernization and Safety Act which would basically bring us into compliance with the UN’s plan. Read the Bill Monsanto has their hand in Codex and our legislature […]

Terrorists Ayer and Dohrn Advocate for World Government

Tweet These people should have been in jail for life, not working in our educational system and advocating for the take down of the United States. They have admitted that Obama recognizes and promotes world government as seen by his campaign stop to Berlin Germany. The enemy is within!

Terrorist Bill Ayers to Speak in Maine

Tweet Bill Ayers, unrepentant bomber and domestic terrorist will be speaking at the University of Maine in Farmington on March 30. As you can see, the announcement conveniently fails to note his past with the Weather Underground, his connection to the bombings of the Pentagon and Capitol, etc. Contact the organizer at rawlings@maine.edu or you […]

How Fabianism Got Into Our Educational System

Tweet These two books are MUST READ material. They will educate you on how the Fabian Socialists got into our educational system in order to use it to change our country’s POLITICAL STRUCTURE. Every school board member should read BOTH. Turning of the Tides Human Relations Curriculum Change

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