NH Legislator Backs Return to Gold

Tweet CONCORD – A dollar should be worth more than an idea. That’s what state Rep. Norman Tregenza says when he explains why he submitted a House bill that, if approved, would encourage the state’s federal delegation to work on getting the country back on the gold standard. The bill is one of several similar […]

Guns vs Progressives

Tweet The real danger is the NEA! by Steve MacDonald After 12 more hours the Londonderry News on-line polling percentages tell the same story. People who vote on polls at the Londonderry news would (so far) overwhelmingly allow their fourth grader into the New Hampshire State House even though it is not a Gun Free […]

Got Hate?

Tweet How About Them Nazis? by Steve MacDonald Given how touchy the New Hampshire Democrat Party (NHDP) leadership is about comments relating to Jews and Nazis I wanted to wait a few days before addressing the words of Tennessee House Democrat Steve Cohen. Cohen made a few, lets call them off-hand remarks about propaganda, Republicans […]

Frances Fox Piven

Tweet This is what happens to you in the media when you are a leftist and you advocate violence. Nothing! That’s the only insidious and scary thing that’s going on!

Protect Home Schoolers From Criminality

Tweet Until a bill is introduced into the House, the sponsors are allowed to remove their support. House Record: Wednesday, January 26, 2011– Last day to introduce HBs. House rule 38(d): Any sponsor may request that his or her name be deleted as a sponsor of the bill prior to its introduction. ***If folks want […]

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