How Low Will LYNCH GO?

Tweet We know that Lynch Lied about a number of things, but this smear is really a whopper. Smear campaigners should NEVER get your vote. The Union Leader reports: “Republican Rhode Island Gov. Donald L. Carcieri wrote to New Hampshire Republican Party chair John H. Sununu saying that Stephen’s work will save his state millions […]

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Tweet How many more lies do these people think we are going to endure?

Gimme gimme gimme!


Beck, 912 Rallies Far Larger Than Comedian’s

Tweet We were not going to comment on this pissing contest but the leftist press is insisting so I guess we are going to have to repeat the truth for them to hear once more. The press loves to spin that the Jon Stewart rally was larger than any Beck or 912 rally but photos […]

We’re Experiencing Marxist Insurgency

Tweet Unless you VOTE!

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