Report From GSFTC Forum

Tweet This is a firsthand report from the ‘fair’ tax forum that was held in Nashua last night. We can say we told you so. This reporter should have brought up these two studies (AIM and Yankee Institute) which show that in states that have high property taxes, income tax as well as a sales […]

The Agenda Exposed

Tweet This is the agenda that Obama and many other politicians have been working for. This is the agenda your children are being exposed to in their schools when they are forced to do community service or enroll in programs run by the UN. This is the agenda churches like the UUs and Sojourners are […]

The Balance of Power: What Went Wrong with Our Republic?

Tweet This is an excellent paper written by Dan Kanna that you can download in PDF format. If you would like to discuss it with Dan, his contact information is at the end. The Balance of Power – What Went Wrong with Our Republic? by Dan Kanna

CNN Exposes Obama Hypocrisy on Free Speech


Gary McDowell Likes Death Panels


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