21st Century Skills Group Gets Cozy with Government

Tweet When will we put an end to our tax dollars being used to aid and abet corporate interests against us? EduWeek has the story of this unholy alliance…

Mayer and Rich Covering for George Soros

Tweet To our knowledge, we don’t have anyone manipulating the markets and breaking the banks of whole countries, and certainly not a Nazi war criminal like Soros, helping the tea party. Ed Lasky at American Thinker writes: “The sinister, omnipresent moneybags of the American left, George Soros, knows that distraction and misdirection make for a […]

If you weren’t there, you cannot complain!

Tweet For those of you who didn’t show up today to challenge Arne Duncan, Governor Lynch and others who are working to nationalize education using outside NGOs, we say, if you don’t do something about this then you cannot complain. One of the most destructive elements in our society today is the way public education […]

New Level of Desperation?

Tweet Even after having avoided being victims of the left’s bogus press releases ourselves, it never ceases to amaze us to what lengths the progressives will go to take down their opponents. We’ve seen plants to infiltrate the conservative movement by faking signs at rallies, we have had charges of ‘racism’ hurled at anyone who […]

Vote Them Out…

Tweet The State of NH We don’t endorse but we don’t mind pointing out the records of the incumbents. The current legislature and governor of NH seem to have taken a page from the Obamanomics playbook and have since being in control, managed to rack up 100 new taxes. They will leave NH with a […]

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