Tell Gregg NO on Elena Kagan

Tweet Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown’s office says he will vote NO on the confirmation of Kagan. However, NH Senator Gregg has said that although he does not agree with Kagan’s philosophy he will vote to confirm her.  Please call Senator Gregg’s office and protest. It’s fast and easy. Be polite but make your voice heard. […]

Does Your School Use This Textbook?

Tweet Schools have been used to propagandize and brainwash children since before the turn of the century. This has been by design. The only reason it was not yet 100% effective up until now is, people who were basically good became teachers and did not politicize their academics. However, now the establishment is cracking down […]

Beware of FAKE Tea Parties

Tweet There has been a lot in the news about Florida and Michigan and fake tea parties. By this we mean candidates who are not conservatives posing as tea party candidates, or people who have actually attempted to register the tea party as a political party along side of Democrats and Republicans. Please do not […]

Ex Fema Director: Obama Politicizing Oil Spill

Tweet Ex-FEMA Director Michael Brown tells us what we already suspected: the administration wasn’t going to let a good crisis go to waste. Here is Brown with Neil Cavuto:

Democrats Linked to Socialists and Communists

Tweet Isn’t it hilarious? The progressive far left wing of the Democrat party are like ostriches — they have their heads in the sand and can’t see much, at yet, at the same time, think we can’t see them either! Having failed to demonize Constitution-loving Americans who want to end the corruption, the giveaways, the […]

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