Reporting the Hate Because the Media Won’t

Tweet The media is not doing it, so we have to. Please note this video of hateful signs, hate mail, and hateful violent voice messages directed at a conservative organization comes with an MA-Advisory for hate speech, possible incitement to violence, and profanity.

Oppose the Food Safety Modernization Act (S 510)

Tweet Please Help Oppose the Food Safety Modernization Act We warned you about this and now it is coming up again. Could this bill be to bring us into compliance with the World Health Organizations draconian “Codex Alimentarius” law? Akin to the healthcare takeover, S. 510 would facilitate a food takeover. Remember Sen. John McCain’s […]

Obama’s Wild Ride

Tweet We need some humor during these serious times..

Van Jones Book Auction $4,250.00

Tweet A signed copy of Glenn Beck’s “Arguing with Idiots” is seen below. Joe Barton got this book signed when he went to see Van Jones speak in Exeter NH a few months ago. Below is a picture of our friend Joe Barton with Glenn Beck which was taken when he went to New York […]

Obama’s Marxofascism

Tweet US Pushes for Global Capital Rule The US is preparing to pivot from domestic regulatory reform to a push for a tough new international capital regime after the weekend’s G20 and International Monetary Fund meetings glossed over differences between leading economies. Tim Geithner, US Treasury secretary, met Mario Draghi, chairman of the Financial Stability […]

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