Generation Zero

Tweet Don’t miss this documentary. Ever wonder who tried to crash the world economy on September 15, 2008 just in time for our elections?

Obama: Masterful Liar

Tweet Proof that not only is President Obama a masterful teleprompter reader, but a masterful liar as well.

Van Jones Visit a Flop

Tweet Only about 70 people attended the Van Jones talk at Phillips Academy Exeter where Jones, Obama’s ex-green job czar, came to talk about green jobs for NH in a venue that could have held 500 or more. Mr. Jones was on his best behavior and said nothing controversial during his talk. One of the […]

Senator Maggie Hassan Invited Van Jones to NH

Tweet Van Jones, slated to speak in Exeter THIS EVENING (see Van Jones in NH) was apparently invited here by State Senator Maggie Hassan, according to Phil Kerpen of AFP in this FOX article: “The disgraced former White House special green jobs adviser is making an appearance at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire tonight, […]

Ron Paul Was Right!

Tweet Congressman Dr. Ron Paul (R-Texas) has been a vocal opponent of the Federal Reserve for most of his 20 year stint in Congress. Thanks to Dr. Paul, more people are beginning to understand the idea that the Federal Reserve is a private, not public entity, contrary to what is provided for in the US […]

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