Newt Admits He Was Wrong

Tweet Newt Gingrich and Grant Bosse on WNTK Radio.

Union Leader Gets it Wrong

Tweet Our coalition does NOT endorse candidates. Individual groups might, and that is their function. Even if we might invite candidates to speak so that voters can get to know them, we do not choose. Likewise, Michelle Bachmann bowed out of the ‘convention’, not due to ‘ethics’ concerns, but due to the fact that whenever […]

NH’s Reaction to the SOTU

Tweet Hear the spin from Anita “Chairman Mao” Dunn on the SOTU Address and then Former NH Governor Sununu’s take on things… If you’d rather hear an honest SOTU address that is not disjointed and doesn’t dis the supreme court or members of the media or blame the past administration and doesn’t contain the word […]

Fake Astroturf Letters Popping Up Everywhere!

Tweet Fake Astroturf Letters Popping Up in Multiples! Hat tip to Andrew Breitbart for this gem… But are you surprised? Tea Partiers apparently are able to write their own letters.. and they do it for free. Have a stab at it. Here are your addresses… all listed up for you! Related: Find out just who […]

IBO Celebrates Communist “Heroes” and Mother Earth Day

Tweet by Lisa McLoughlin Truth About IB Everytime TAIB thinks IB can’t get any worse, IBO boldly surprises us with a new announcement: IB Marks Earth Day 2010 “Earth Day is 22 April. Starting in a small way 40 years ago, it now involves a billion people finding out more about our shared planet, and […]

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