200 Leftists, Scores of Arrests at G20

Tweet Moonbats on the March In stark contrast to to the peaceful 1.5M mob 912 march where there was not so much as a scuffle, scores of left-wing protesters were arrested when they began smashing storefronts, scaling bridges and throwing rocks and bottles at police at the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh PA this September 24. […]

America Must Reject State’s “Ism”

Tweet It is not surprising that fifty years ago, this cartoon was made. It warned of things to come. Even then a system was in place for eroding our freedoms. Americans have been sitting by too quietly for too long… This is the video that should be shown in all schools.

Our Nation’s Food Supply in Trouble

Tweet Environmentalists have succeeded in getting water turned off to the farmers that grow the food on the farms in the vast area of California that is called ‘our nation’s breadbasket’, all in the name of protecting a tiny fish that is supposedly going extinct. Instead of letting the water flow to the farms as […]

Doctors Plan to Swarm DC

Tweet Just got a note from one of our members that doctors all over the US are planning a “Million Med March” on DC for October 1, 2009. These doctors plan to join with other groups supporting patients’ rights and will be posting an outline of what health care under HR 3200 will be like […]

A NH View of DC

Tweet Here is a fantastic video from one of our Granite State NH Tea Party patriots on the coast.

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