From Chemtrails to Common Core, The Conway Daily Sun Gets it Right — Almost

Tweet In today’s edition of the Conway Daily Sun, you can read all about some of NH’s most ardent anti-government activists. From chemtrails to Common Core, and even a mention of the beloved Charlotte Iserbyt, Our Lady of the Whistleblowers, the Sun almost gets it right, but errs when they include folks like Harvard Professor […]

We Warned You About the Tea Party Express

Tweet You can’t say we did not warn you. The Tea Party Express is NOT a legit tea party. The legit tea party was formed in 2007, and NO GOP consultants were involved, no money was provided by the Kochs or any DC group, and their purpose was NOT TO ENDORSE CANDIDATES, but to spread […]

Stop the Con Con in Troy

Tweet There has been a renewed campaign to get our nation into an Article V Convention. It is being promoted by groups on the Left and Right, and funded by The George Soros, and the Koch Brothers. What is an Article V? Will it lead to fundamentally changing our form of government? Who are the […]

More Reason to Oppose the Con Con

Tweet As we’ve written before, we’ve asked you to examine those who have teamed up to try to bring about a Constitutional Convention. Freedom Outpost has more on this. “Recently, we wrote about a popular Article V Con-Con movement, Compact For America, and the concerning leadership behind it. On that board of advisers was Harvard’s […]

Damn YOU, Michigan!

Tweet Update: Thanks to the JBS we have learned that it’s not a done deal yet. Erroneous Con-Con News Fox News and other members in the media erroneously reported last week that the threshold had been reached for Congress to call a Constitutional Convention or any other convention under Article V. What they are not […]

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