More Reason to Oppose the Con Con

Tweet As we’ve written before, we’ve asked you to examine those who have teamed up to try to bring about a Constitutional Convention. Freedom Outpost has more on this. “Recently, we wrote about a popular Article V Con-Con movement, Compact For America, and the concerning leadership behind it. On that board of advisers was Harvard’s […]

Damn YOU, Michigan!

Tweet Update: Thanks to the JBS we have learned that it’s not a done deal yet. Erroneous Con-Con News Fox News and other members in the media erroneously reported last week that the threshold had been reached for Congress to call a Constitutional Convention or any other convention under Article V. What they are not […]

Article V Convention to Disarm Americans

Tweet More on the dangers of the Article V Convention: If the above video does not appear on your device, use this direct link:

Stop HCR-10 in New Hampshire

Tweet Why the Article V Convention is a Bad Deal You have been told by NH Rep Timothy Smith and Professor Larry Lessig that an Article V can be limited, that Congress has no say in the process, and that states would never pass “unreasonable” amendments. Well, the resolutions Professor Lessig and Wolf PAC had […]

Exposing the Convention of States

Tweet Since they are appealing to our state legislature on this it is very important that your Reps know what havoc they are unleashing by supporting this nonsense. The Convention of the States (COS) is an Article V Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) supported and funded by the elitists. The Constitutional Convention, or Con-Con, that’s being sold […]

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