Let’s END ALL Foreign Aid NOW

Tweet President Obama and his cronies in Washington continue to send BILLIONS of your tax money in foreign aid to countless countries. With recent reports showing four out of five Americans are near poverty – between joblessness and a welfare application – it’s more evident than ever the American dream is on it’s last leg […]

Con-Con Must be Stopped

Tweet UPDATE AUGUST 22: NHTPC has received at least two phone calls from liberal groups pushing a CON CON, further convincing us that it would be a dangerous exercise. Article V of the Constitution: – Gives NO guidelines for how to conduct a Con Con. – NO rules on how delegates will be eligible or […]

Why Education Ills Persist

Tweet by D. Niwa Decade after decade, many of the same old theories/philosophies, teaching methods, and questionable goals/”outcomes”/standards are peddled in public education. Often present is the use of behavioral psychology and/or a focus on breaking down values and institutional structures. All these may also be found in taxpayer-funded charter schools and potentially in private […]

Police Chief John Duval, Government, our Biggest Threat

Tweet Are you more likely to be killed by a government official using excessive and unwarranted force, or a foreign terrorist such as the Mossad or Taliban? We bet you thought it was a foreign terrorist, you know, the kind hoping to be rewarded with 72 virgins. But you were wrong. You are actually 8x […]

Challenge Carol Shea-Porter Tomorrow

Tweet Here is your chance to challenge Carol Shea-Porter (D-1) on Monday, July 29, 2013 at 12:00 PM (11:30 a.m. arrival) at the Seacoast Repertory Theatre, 125 Bow Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801 This is part of WMUR-TV’s Leaders Listen series.

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